Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads – 12-02-24

Robert Wyatt – Tears Years After – Talking Heads – Black Sabbath – David Bowie – Television – Brian Eno – Led Zeppelin – The Cars – Can – Neil Young – Nick Drake – Pink Floyd

Robert Wyatt «Heaps of sheeps»

Tears Years After «I’d Love to Change the World»

Talking Heads: «I Zimbra»

Black Sabbath: «Children of the grave»

David Bowie: «Golden years»

Television: «Marquee Moon»

Brian Eno: «I’ll come running»

Led Zeppelin: «Boogie with stu»

The Cars: «You’re all I’ve got tonight»

Can: «Moonshake»

Neil Young: «See the sky about to rain»

Nick Drake: «Things behind the sun»

Pink Floyd: «Sheep»


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