Editado en 2013: Van Morrinson, Lou Rawls, Betty Wright & The Roots – 13-06-23

Divine Fits ‘Would that not be nice’ – Betty Wright & The Roots ‘Old song’ – Joss Stone ‘(For god’s sake) give more…’ – Betty Wright & The Roots ‘Baby come back’ (feat. Lenny Williams) – Player ‘Baby Come back’ – Lou Rawls ‘Season of the witch’ y ‘ You`ll never find another love like mine’ – Ty Causey ‘Tap into this chemistry’ – The Impellers ‘Hear what i say’ – Tower Of Power ‘So very hard to go’ – Dojo Cuts ‘Easy to come home’ – Third Coast Kings ‘Cop it proper’ – The Soul Snatchers »Do you wanna get down’ – Lee Fields & The Sugarman 3 ‘Stand up’ – Van Morrinson ‘Avalon sunset’

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