George Benson, James Brown e Isley Brothers – 16/06/22

George Benson «Moody’s mood» – Stevie Wonder «Skeletons» – James Brown «It’s too funky in here» – The Crusaders «Creepin» – Cymande «Bra» – Dogg Master «Poison apple» – Temu «Funkdophilus & the brass operator» y  «Jooze (Remix)» – Vick Allen «Let’s dance (stepper’s Remix)» – The O’Jays «Start stoppin» – The Isley Brothers «Love the one you’re with» – Shakatak «Easier said than done» – Herb Alpert «Rise»

Give Me The Night : George Benson: Música

Characters by Stevie Wonder on Amazon Music -

The Original Disco Man by James Brown on Amazon Music -

Rural Renewal: The Crusaders: Música

Cymande: Cymande: Música

Music of the Sea: R&B Funk, Vol. 1 by Funkee Boy, Greg Weiss, Dogg Master on Amazon Music -

Relic of the Mothership by Temu Music on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

Vick Allen - Old School New Flava (CD) - Amoeba Music

The Last Word: The O'Jays: Música

The Isley Brothers - Givin' It Back (1971, Sonic Pressing, Vinyl) | Discogs

Easier Said Than Done: Shakatak: Música

Herb Alpert - Rise (2016, CD) | Discogs


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