Joan As Police Woman, Arlo Parks y Gregory Porter – 09-07-23

Gregory Porter – Joan As Police Woman – Rufus Wainwright – Blur – Donald Byrd – Sweet Pea Atkinson – Angela Bofill – George Harrison – Jerry Douglas & John Hiatt – Arlo Parks – Chuck Prophet – Drive-By Truckers

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (2013, Vinyl) - Discogs

Gregory Porter ‘Brown grass’

The Solution Is Restless (2021) - Joan As Police Woman x Tony Allen x Dave Okumu | Joan As Police Woman Tony Allen Dave Okumu | Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman ‘Geometry of you’

Rufus Wainwright - Release The Stars | Ediciones | Discogs

Rufus Wainwright ‘Going to a town’

Blur - The Magic Whip | Ediciones, críticas, créditos | Discogs

Blur ‘Ghost ship’

Black Byrd - BCore Disc

Donald Byrd ‘Black Byrd’

Sweet Pea Atkinson - Blue Note Records

Sweet Pea Atkinson ‘Slow down’

Angela Bofill – Angel Of The Night (1979, Gatefold, Vinyl) - Discogs

Angela Bofill ‘I try’

George Harrison Living In The Material World Full Movie Online - Compartir Materiales

George Harrison ‘Give Me Love (give me peace on earth)’

John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band – Leftover Feelings (2021, Vinyl) - Discogs

Jerry Douglas & John Hiatt ‘Changes in y mind’


Arlo Parks ‘Hurt’

Chuck Prophet “The land that time forgot” LP – La Botiga

Chuck Prophet ‘Marathon’

Drive-By Truckers – The Unraveling (2020, Marble Sky, Vinyl) - Discogs

Drive-By Truckers ‘Thoughts and prayer


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