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Michael Kiwanuka & Jamila Woods – 07/10/21

Michael Kiwanuka:»Love & hate», Jamila Woods:»Bilk girl soldier», Aesop Rock:»Rings», Royal Southern Brotherhood:»I’ve seen enough to know», Warren Haynes:»River’s gonna rise», The Rolling Stones:»Hate to see you go», Lydia Loveless:»Heaven», Pretenders:»Roadie man», «Blue eyed sky, Michael kiwanuka:»Cold little heart» •••


Marcus Miller & Carmen McRae y Michael Franks – 21/09/21

Priscilla Ahn «Dream» – Keren Ann «My name is Trouble» –  Carmen McRae «You know who» – Michel Camilo «…and Sammy walked in» – Michael Franks «Chain reaction» y «I really hope it’s you» – Taylor McFerrin «Memory digital» – Steve Cromity «Sugar» – Jeff Hall «Love Makes the...