BOITE DISCO (primeros años 80) – 28-01-23

Uncle Louie & Walter Murphy “Full tilt boogie” – Gayle Adams “Emergency” – Light Of The World “I shot the sheriff” – Geraldine Hunt “Can’t fake the feeling” – Nightlife Unlimited “Let’s do it again” – T.S. Monk “Cant keep my hands to myself” – Fat Larry’s Band “Be my lady” – Hi-Gloss “I want your love” – Dayton “We can’t miss” – T.S. Monk “Too much too soon” – D-Train “You’re the one for me” – Michael Wycoff “Diamond real” Bobby Thurston “May attraction” – The Controllers “ I can’t turn the boogie loose” – People’s Choice “Jam, jam, jam (all night long)” – Bras Constuction” “L-O-V-U” – Billy Ocean “Stay the night” – France Joli “Gonna get over you” – Gary’s Gang “Knock me out” – The Tramps “Stop and think” – Barry White “September when i first met you”





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